How to Choose a Home Inspection Company

Choosing a home inspection company can be a daunting proposition. There’s so much at stake when purchasing a property. Consider these points and questions before deciding on a home inspector:


  • Make sure a full time home inspection service is selected that is well qualified with at least 5 years experience


  • Does the company carry E&O insurance?
  • Is it bonded?
  • A good company should have a both

Certifications, Licenses, Training

  • What certifications and licenses does it have?
  • What training did the inspectors receive?
  • Do the associations that they are members of have an ongoing education program?


  • How many inspections did they conduct last year? A full time inspector will most likely conduct over 250 inspections per year.
  • What does the inspection cover? The property inspection should cover, in a detailed report, all structural and mechanical systems of the property. A single family, single story home inspection should require approximately 2 hours to conduct.


A complete inspection report will cover, in detail and in an easy to read format, comments on condition, age, function, remaining life and adequacy of the system for that particular home. All reports should include any and all areas of the home that require attention, repair or maintenance. The inspection should include a diagram of the home that require attention, repair or maintenance.

The inspection should include a diagram of the home indicating the location of various utilities. Mechanical equipment and areas that require attention or repair. The report should also contain pictures and a narrative summary and overview.

Fees and Clients

Whenever it is possible, the client should be present at the time of the inspection so that the inspector can explain areas that need attention, and so that they can become more familiar with their new home or property. If the client can not be present, a representative or Real Estate Agent should be present.

The average inspection fee is from $300-$500 per single family home. Commercial property inspections vary depending on the building type and size.